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Tif-Tuf Bermuda Sod Varieties Atlanta Sod Company.

Tif-Tuf Bermuda. Drought-Tolerant Bermuda. Nearly twenty-five years of testing and development have resulted in the release of TIFTUF™, the new standard in drought-tolerant bermudagrass. Selected for superior drought and wear tolerance, TIFTUF™ has been rigorously developed and tested since 1992 by a team of researchers led by Dr. Wayne. The newest University of Georgia turfgrass release, TifTuf™ bermudagrass, is available to homeowners in 2016. Lawn owners can thank the late Dr. Glenn Burton at the University of Georgia’s Coastal Plain Experiment Station, who, starting in the 1940s, spent decades vastly improving the bermudagrasses that grace our southern sports fields, golf courses and lawns. TifGrand Bermuda turfgrass forms a lawn tolerant of traffic and wear, and recovers quickly with proper maintenance. TifGrand Bermuda turfgrass is more resistant to Spring Dead Spot SDS than common Bermuda grass selections like Celebration. TifGrand can be installed as dormant sod. TifGrand sod is only available as first-quality Georgia Certified.

TifTuf™ Bermuda is the newest “Tif” release from the world-renowned University of Georgia breeding program. After two decades of rigorous testing, it proved to have superior drought resistance by maintaining quality and color while using 38% less water than other varieties in university tests. TifGrand is a semi-dwarf Bermuda grass that is naturally darker green and produces thin blade and denser turf than other Tifdwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. TifGrand was bred to withstand multiple environmental stresses such as shade and heavy traffic. Josh,You suggested someone use Bermuda grass in their yard if they have dogs. I was wondering if that would be your same suggestion for a backyard in Minnesota, zone 4, with an outside dog. ajbosco – posted 04 November 2003 13:12. I am also experiencing this lawn problem. I live in NH. I have two dogs that are indoor dogs, but play a lot outside. Jun 07, 2009 · Our dog is allergic to grass and is practically bald from itching. We have never had her allergy tested but when we moved into a new house that had grass the itching started. I've taken her to the vet for it before and they gave her antibiotics and said keep her off the grass. Anybody that.

TifWay 419 Bermuda is deep green in color and medium to fine in texture. 419 Bermuda has excellent weed and disease resistance and is a superior turf for fairways, tees, athletic fields and home lawns. Its toughness, beauty and even growth has made it a popular sports turf for decades. Bermuda is a solid choice for wear from dogs because it is spread by both “rhizomes,” long creeping underground stems, and by stolons, stems that creeps along the surface of the ground and take root at intervals. It is a warm season grass, meaning that it grows vigorously during hot weather and goes dormant in the winter. Maintaining Bermudagrass Lawns L-5339 11/99. Bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon[L.] is a popular turfgrass for lawns, golf courses, athletic fields and general. Begin routine mowing as soon as the grass begins to turn green in the spring. Set the mowing height at 1 to 2 inches for Common bermudagrass and 1/ 2 to 11/ 2 inches for hybrid. Common bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon L. Pers. varieties often have coarse leaf texture and light green color. However, improvements in common bermudagrass appearance have been achieved through breeding efforts, and there are many improved varieties available on the market that have finer leaf texture, darker color, and improved density. The drought tolerant hybrid Bermuda Grass, forged by the best turf grass scientists. Australia’s long dry summers and droughts can be brutal on lawns —and even more so on your water use and bill. TifTuf Bermuda Grass was developed by the world’s leading turf scientist with this challenge in mind.

TifTuf Bermuda • NG Turf.

Jun 25, 2019 · weed control in Tifway Bermuda. Bermuda's vigorous growth can retard weed infestation. However, use of a pre-emergent herbicide, recommended for use on Bermuda lawns on the label, is strongly recommended in the spring and fall. Apply weed control products that are specifically labeled for Bermuda grass. Apply weed control according to the table. When this grass first became available for sale in 2015, we had a difficult time believing that it would to live up to all the hype. Maybe in Georgia where it was initially developed and tested, but here in the DFW area with asphalt-melting summer sun coupled with city-imposed water restrictions during some drought years, it was going to have to be tough as nails to fulfill all the promises.

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